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The name of DS is originated from a car made in1955 and demonstrates innovation, rigorous and audacity. As a symbol of innovation, profession, fashion and technology, DS represents a new thinking about the future automobile. DS is inspirited by heritage and inherits the innovative and noble DNA.

Original conception, refinements, technology for well-being, high quality, and classic heritage are unique brand DNA of DS. “Audacious, distinctive and progressive” are irreplaceable core value of DS.

DS was revealed in Paris auto show in1955. Distinctive modelling and advanced technology immediately conquered the whole auto industry and public audiences. DS received743 bookings in15 minutes after the opening of auto show. In the first day, DS received more than 12,000 bookings and most of media fully aid their attention on DS. They seemed have no other interest except taking about how DS dramatically combined technology and design to create a new possibility that integrating ride vs handling.

The biggest highlight of DS19 is Hydro pneumatic suspension system whose most attractive aspect is remove the spring that used in traditional suspension system. A hemispherical metal container full of high-pressure air was set on every wheel and was connected with a cylinder filled by high-pressure oil. The lifting of chassis is controlled by the flowing of high-pressure oil and the car could keep a stable height regardless how many weights were loaded. A Jaguar vehicle in 24 HEURES DU MANS applied such a system and Rolls-Royce had acquired the technology to improve the comfort and stability of the super luxury cars produced.

In 1962, a legend of Charles De Gaulle and DS happened. DS saved President De Gaulle in an assassination accident in Petit Clamart. After the accident, DS vehicle kept running depending on the distinctive suspension system and finally sent President De Gaulle to destination although the car body was riddled with bullets and 2 tyres were broken.

In 2009, DS honourably came back to the stage. New DS line including DS3, DS4 and DS5 present the noble and modern quality to global consumers again.

In Nov 2011, Changan PSA Automobile Co., Ltd was officially founded. CAPSA become the only DS model car production base outside Europe .

On June 28th, 2012, DS brand was launched in China with 2 flagship models of DS products: DS4 and DS5.

On Sept 27th, 2013, all new DS5, the first local made model of CAPSA, was grandly launched then within a year of continuous listing and DS 6 DS 5LS two models. DS not only inherits the original conception, refinements and high quality of DS brand, keeps the same international standards in material selection and application, but makes comprehensive configuration improvements catering Chinese new generation consumers’ demand to ensure the comfort and driving pleasure. The distinctive style makes a new trend of personalized premium car and brings innovative, personalized and inspiriting driving and passenger experience for new generation premium car consumers.