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  • High technology automobile and service for value creation and better life

    With advanced technology, sophisticated process and careful service, CAPSA is devoted to make safe and avant-garde vehicles which are environmental friendly and energy saving as well. Furthermore, we take on social responsibilities, bearing the principle of sustainable development in mind, ceaselessly improve wellbeing of mankind, and strive to create a more comfortable and harmonious life.

  • Excel in Global Auto Industry

    Leading the trend of post-era of automobile joint venture, CAPSA is born to create a new model for the industry. We aim to achieve world-leading performance in quality, production, management, service and environment protection. We strive to build CAPSA into the best automobile joint venture in China.

  • • Customer Oriented
    We follow a customer-oriented philosophy and provide customers with excellent products and service; we listen to the heart of customers, understand and meet customer demands. 
    • Commitment and Contribution
    The experienced and superior staff coach employees for know-how transfer. PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) inspire every employee to contribute to strategy realization and development of company. 

    • Respect and Trust
    Respect, equality and trust are the basis to deal with relationship among colleagues, customers, dealers and suppliers etc.
    • Employee Achievement
    We completely respect each employee by recognizing its value, and strive for establishing an enterprise advocated by employees.
    • Team Work
    We advocate advantages complementarity, resources sharing, as well as partner of equality, mutual learning, win-win cooperation and joint development among colleagues/suppliers/dealers etc.

  • • Passion
    We keep passionate and curious for automobile industry. We are eager to break with the conventions and to provide customer with ever-upgrading driving experience through the integration of high-tech and fascinating design
    • Excellence
    We will implement the thought of pursuing excellence .We will keep improving the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service level.

    • Open Mind
    We are open-minded and kindly to each other with broad-minded wisdom. We treat each other sincerely and friendly. We keep our commitment to each other. We give full play to our talents and take advantage of the opportunity when handling business.
    • Effort
    We spare no effort and never give up achieving each and every target. With one heart and mind, we pool the wisdom of everyone to promote the advancement of business.

  • • Built in Quality
    We do not make any compromise on quality and everybody is involved in it. The continuous quality improvement is the very basis for creating first-class product and service. 
    • Just in Time
    We take the most effective use of resources to meet customer's needs and ensure high efficiency in the market competition.

    • Waste Elimination
    We persist in waste elimination in all business cycle and all aspects of life. We take the cost-effective principle as the company’s strategy and long-term competitive advantage. 
    • Added Value
    All actions are based on the added-value. We advocate the concept of creating benefit and value .The value evaluation criteria for various organizations will be established to guide, motivate and support the value creation to the company development.