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  • On January 14th , DS 60th Anniversary travelling show is perfectly ended in Shenzhen, the show started from Sep. 2015 in Beijing, and traveled Shanghai, Nanjing, Jinan, Wuxi and Chongqing etc. which lasted 5 months.
    March 1th:2016 DS Brand Dealers Annual Meeting was held.
    DS 4S Officially Launched at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show .
    On July 1th, 2016, to celebrate the 95th birthday of the Communist Party of China, CAPSA Party Committee hold the award ceremony of 2015-2016 outstanding party members in R&D center training room.
    September 7th , Mr. Ma Xingrui, Party Secretary of Shenzhen visited CAPSA. President Oliver Mornet and Executive vice-president Ying Zhanwang accompanied.
    Nov. 17TH, the 5th anniversary celebration of CAPSA was held at the R & D Center with the theme of "Five chapters, re-starting journey".
    November 18th, 2017 models DS 6 launched in Guangzhou auto show.
    December 8TH, The second CPCC officially ended. The DS 4S and DS 5LS, both sporty hatchback and full sensory limousine, won the individual championships with the emergency brake and fixed round test.
  • 2015-6-16: CATARC AERI and CAPSA held the contracting and nameplate unveiling ceremony for the joint laboratory in the R&D Center of CAPSA and declared that “the joint laboratory of CATARC AERI and CAPSA” was officially founded.
    2015-7-9: CAPSA EADO EV Job 1 Offline Ceremony held.
    2015-9-18: DS Brand 60th Anniversary Tour kicked off in Beijing on 18th September. DS 60th anniversary limited editions, produced on the base of DS 5, DS 5LS and DS 6.
  • 2014-1-6 :DS and Mission Hills Group signed strategic cooperation agreement.
    2014-3-28:“T Era Landing” visual ceremony was presented at Beijing Laffitte Castle Hotel - a classic French royal style building.
    2014-5-30:CAPSA SZ2 Assembly Workshop witnessed the off-line ceremony of the 10,000th DS car.
    2014-9-27:The launch ceremony for DS 6, “Night of DS- Drive with Wildness by Refinement”, was held on Shuiguan Great Wall.
    2014-11-25:6 DS 6 initiated its export trip to Angola.
    2014-12-4: CAPSA R&D Center grand opening ceremony was held. Distinguished guests include Mr. Zou Jiahua, former Vice Premier and Vice Chairman of NPC, Mr. Chen Biao, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, attended the ceremony.
  • 2013-3-28:The first DS flagship store DS WORLD opened at Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, movie star Sun Li came.
    2013-5-31:China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) and CAPSA signed agreement on establishing the long-term strategic partnership.
    2013-9-27:All New DS5, the new generation premium crossover was launched in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center which is futurism designed. Mme Sophie Marceau, international film star and all new DS 5 ambassadors amazingly joined the event.
    2013-9-28: CAPSA plant Opening and All New DS5 handover ceremony was grandly held in Shenzhen. Mr. Wang Rong, Party Secretary of Shenzhn, Mr. Xu Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen, High-level management from mother companies including Mr.Thierry Peugeot, Mr. Xu Liuping, Mr, Philippe Varin, Mr. Zhang Baolin Mr. Gregoire Olivier etc. attended the ceremony. The international famous movie star Sophie Marceau also presented.
    2013-10-16:New-generation premium brand DS and the Foundation of Charles de Gaulle held a grand signing ceremony. DS is the official partner with the foundation Charles de Gaulle and will sponsor the activities in the whole course.
    2013-11-27: Mr. Zou Jiahua, former vice premier of state council and vice director of CPPCC standing committee visited CAPSA vehicle production plant.
  • 2012-5-9: The ground breaking ceremony of CAPSA’s engine plant marked the beginning of powertrain plant construction. The plant covers an area of 24,500 m2. For the 1st phase project there will be 4 machining lines, 1 assembly line.
    2012-6-20: The independent DS sales network designated by CAPSA was officially launched. The grand opening ceremony for the first DS STORE in China was held in Nanjing.
    2012-6-28:DS – a new-generation luxury brand – held a grand China market launch celebration in Beijing. DS 5 and DS 4 officially entered China.
    2012-12-14:CAPSA held its R&D Center foundation ceremony in Shenzhen. The earth up of R&D center marks a new milestone of CAPSA JV project.
  • 2011-4-18: DS 5 makes its global debut and DS4 makes its China debut at Shanghai Auto Show. The press conference is jointly held in Shanghai by Mr.Xu Liuping and Mr. Philippe Varin.
    2011-11-20: The Foundation Ceremony of Changan PSA Automobiles Co., Ltd, in the theme of “Bloom for Excellence” held in Guanlan, Shenzhen.
  • 2010-7-9: CCAG and PSA sign the Joint Venture Contract which states that a new joint venture would be established in Shenzhen, China.
    2010-11-3: CAPSA Project Kick-off Meeting is jointly held by both parties in Shenzhen, 150 participants from both parties, which marks the official lunch of Preparatory Team of CAPSA Project.