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The enterprise website of CAPSA (hereafter refers to "the site") is exclusively used by CAPSA. During your visiting of the site, please make sure you have read the declaration carefully including the "privacy protection" (declaration includes the private protection if no other explanation). You preserve every right, under no constraints, to choose accept the declaration or not. Once you choose to visit the site or review any page of it, you are automatically under the legal binding.

Clause 1: document clarification

All information, pictures and charts are for reference only.

Clause 2: Copyright

The copyright of all information published on the website are reserved. Without written permission by CAPSA, no one could copy or use it illegally.

Clause 3: Accuracy, safety and integrity of the information.

The website will try in every effort to make sure the integrity of the information, but not guarantee the accuracy, safety and integrity of the content (except the information provided by CAPSA). In addition, the website is spared from any inaccurate, unsafe and incomplete information shown on external link extended from the site.

Clause 4: Information legalization

CAPSA will make time to examine the site regularly. Except for the responsibility to those information provided by the company on the site, CAPSA will have nothing to do with any content that are misunderstanding, fake, insulting, scandal, obscene, threatening or illegal under the Law of PRC. And CAPSA is free of any legal issues caused by that information.

Any illegal content spread on the site will be deleted or blocked and the user's personal information will be submitted positively or under request to the law enforcement agencies.

Once you find any information on the page of website that violates your legitimate right, please don't hesitate to contact us to take relevant counter-measures.

Clause5: risks and exemptions

When you visit and use the site, the risks existing in the following circumstances should be taken by the user. Please be aware that during your visit and usage, potential risks listed below and extended damages or inconvenience is likely to occur:

The leakage of personal account combination to others, the sharing of account with others or other personal reasons result the insecurity would led to individual or company information disclosure.

Situation caused by force majeure (including but not limited to hacker attacks, computer virus outbreak, or the temporary close-up due to Gov. censorship) leads to personal data disclosure, loss, stolen or distorting.

Leakage of personal information caused by the external linkage or related legal disputes and results

Virus infection or any damage to your computer equipment and property by visiting, using or downloading from the website, CAPSA is free of responsibility.

Clause.6 updated terms

CAPSA will update the website and modify the "legal declaration" at convenience depending on the needs without special notification. All users should be subject to the changes. Therefore, please visit the website regularly to get familiar with the updates.


All the statement, modification, updating and final explanation rights are reserved by CAPSA


The declaration are released on Nov.10th.2011