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The 14th Beijing Auto Show grandly kicks off in New China International Exhibition Centre on 25th April.

DS booth enjoys great popularity and is crowed with visitors. DS, the new generation premium automobile brand from Paris, announces the launch of its refined and dynamic hatchback DS 4S. DSV-01, an electric racing car that DS especially made for Formula-E is firstly present in China. Besides, full-sensorial premium sedan DS 5LS 2016, new generation avant-garde premium crossover vehicle New DS 5, and the wild and refined premium SUV DS 6 gather together at the auto show, revealing avant-garde design, exquisite refinement, environmentally friendly materials and even healthful features as new concepts to attract the attention of massive audience.

Mr. Xu Liuping, President of China South Industries Group Corporation, Chairman of Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.; Mr. Zhu Huarong, President of Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. Chairman of Changan PSA Automobile Co., Ltd.; Mr. Grégoire OLIVIER, Member of the Managing Board PSA Group, Executive Vice-President, China and ASEAN; Mr. Yves BONNEFONT, CEO of the DS Brand; Mr. Eric APODE, DS Brand Vice-President Global Products and Business Development, Mr.Arnaud RIBAULT, Vice president of DS brand, global sales and marketing; Mr. Olivier MORNET, President of CAPSA; Mr. Ying Zhanwang, Executive Vice-President of CAPSA; Mr. Henri-Rene PHILIPPON, Vice President of CAPSA; Mr. Duan Lianxiang, Vice President of CAPSA; Mr. Thierry POIRAT, General Manager of DS Brand of CAPSA; Mt. Zhou Jiang, General Manager of CAPSA Sales Company,Director of Sales Department; Mr. Jean-François HEBERT, DS 4S Product Manager etc. attended the DS press conference.

Yves Bonnefont, Global President of DS Brand, also made a speech, explaining the global brand strategy of DS and the significance of the Chinese market to DS, and providing a brief introduction of the competition of DS Virgin Racing for the Formula E Championship, as well as DS 4S for the media present at the show.

Then, Thierry POIRAT, General Manager of the DS brand of CAPSA ,and Zhou Jiang, General Manager of Sales Branch and Director of Sales Department of CAPSA, made presentations the highlights of DS 4S to the media again, and announced that DS 4S is priced at 149,900 – 229,900 RMB, a competitive price that received a favourable response across the media on the scene.

The DS 4S product itself was also recognised by the media. Media said that DS features premium interior, strong sense of design and exquisite refinement, and believed that it is able to outperform the market thanks to its higher cost performance than expected.