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The 20th Shenzhen Auto Show grandly kicks off in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre on 4th June. DS car models, such as refined and dynamic hatchback DS 4S, new generation avant-garde premium crossover vehicle New DS 5, full-sensorial premium sedan 2016 DS 5LS, the wild and refined premium SUV DS 6, typical heritage car DS 21 and DSV-01, an electric racing car for FE, are presented at the show.

Mr. Olivier MORNET, President of CAPSA, Mr. Henri-Rene PHILIPPON, Vice President of CAPSA, Mr. DUAN Lianxiang, Vice President of CAPSA, Mr. Thierry POIRAT, General Manager of DS Brand of CAPSA, Mr. ZHOU Jiang, General Manager of CAPSA Sales Company; and Mr ZHANG Jinxiong, Executive Director of Shenzhen BiaoTe automobile  Group Corporation, Mr XIE Min, Vice President of Shenzhen BiaoTe automobile  Group Corporation, Mr LI Taoxing, General Manager of Shenzhen BiaoHong  automobile Co., Ltd., Ms LI Ruiyu, General Manager of ShenBiaoJia automobile Co., Ltd., attended the DS press conference.

DS makes a breakthrough in the form of press conference. A stylish party with avant-garde fashion show vividly represents DS “Spirit of Avant-garde”. Hundreds of media journalists and DS fans are invited to DS booth and join the party.

Mr. Thierry POIRAT and Mr. ZHOU Jiang say hello to onsite guests through screen. They give a detailed presentation of DS development in Shenzhen and the great strength of the refined and dynamic hatchback DS 4S. Besides, both reveal the information in advance that DS will hold series of celebrations for its fourth anniversary and some actions will be taken to repay consumers.

Then, it is followed by a wonderful fashion show co-worked by DS and the team from Shanghai Theatre Academy. Unique clothing matches well with the splendid stage, which perfectly illustrates the fashion and avant-garde that DS represents.

DS booth becomes a great interactive party. DJ is prepared to play excellent music, onsite audience can have group photos with models and waiters are ready to serve the refreshments. Onsite audience can scan the QR code to join the WeChat group chat, in which they can share their feeling of DS brand and record the beautiful moment of DS with their cameras. All the words and photos can be displayed in the big screen.

Such an innovative press conference is new for visitors. And DS showcased vehicles also attract the attention of many visitors. The newly-launched refined and dynamic hatchback DS 4S has become the blue-eyed vehicle in DS booth.