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Denis Martin, Executive Vice-president China and ASEAN, Olivier MORNET, President of CAPSA, Ying Zhanwang, Executive Vice-president of CAPSA and Henri-René PHILIPPON, Vice President of CAPSA all came to the CAPSA office which is on the third floor at 10am on 6th January.

They extended their warmest welcome and great support to CAPSA Sales Company who just moved from Shanghai to Shenzhen and also showed their confidence for the future development of the brand in 2017. They said, parent companies, CAPSA employees and all DS dealers were full of confidence for the rapid development of DS brand, hoping DS can get qualitative change within 10 or 15 years and completely deliver DS “Spirit of Avant-garde” to Chinese consumers.

The “Orientation Activities” for CAPSA Sales Company was held on the third floor of the head office at 12am on 9th January. Olivier MORNET, President of CAPSA, Henri-René PHILIPPON, Vice President of CAPSA, Thierry POIRAT, CAPSA DS Brand General Manager and Zhou Jiang, CAPSA Sales Company General Manager attended the activity.

Olivier MORNET said in his keynote speech that CAPSA Sales Company moving from Shanghai to Shenzhen definitely meant DS has successfully achieved “One Team, One Location” strategy and the team will get high-efficient and quality development. 2017 is a year of transition for DS brand and is also a key year before the advent of the second generation products. What DS team requires to do is perfect the team and improve its strength. All CAPSA members should forge ahead and make joint efforts.

Then, Olivier MORNET, Thierry POIRAT and Zhou Jiang jointly unveiled the DS LOGO and held the champagne to celebrate the new start of the brand.