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        At 2017 Shanghai Auto Show on 19th April, DS officially announces the famous celebrity Wang Kai as its new ambassador and releases the limited edition DS 6 So Paris.DS 7 CROSSBACK, the first model of DS second generation of products, also completes its debut in Asia. They compose the all-star cast of DS together with the new generation of premium crossover vehicle New DS 5, full-sensorial premium sedan 2016 DS 5LS, refined and dynamic hatchback DS 4S, premium SUV with wildness and refinement DS 6 as well as Formula E racing car, which forms a beautiful French scenery at Shanghai Auto Show.

       Xu Liuping, China South Industries Group Corporation General Manger, Chairman of CQCA, Carlos TAVARES, Chairman of the Managing Board, Zhu Ronghua, President of CQCA, Zhou Zhiping, General Secretary of CQCA CPC Committee, Wang Kun, Vice President of CQCA, Denis Martin, Executive Vice-President, China and ASEAN, Yves Bonnefont, CEO of the DS Brand, Olivier MORNET, President of CAPSA, Ying Zhanwang, Executive Vice President of CAPSA, Henri-René PHILIPPON, Vice President of CAPSA, Duan Lianxiang, Vice President of CAPSA, Shen Mingjun, Vice President of CAPSA, Zhou Jiang, CAPSA Sales Company General Manager and DS new ambassador Wang Kai attend the press conference on DS booth.

       Shen Mingjun, Vice President of CAPSA, expresses his greetings to onsite guests and warmly welcomes them to the fashion capital Shanghai. Then, Mr, Shen shares his understanding of DS brand with onsite guests. As a premium car brand with long history and cutting-edge technology, DS is bound to gain the ideal achievements in the future. Besides, Mr. Shen expresses his gratitude to DS loyal fans, dealers and media friends. What’s more, he announces an important news that the famous star Wang Kai will replace Sophie Marceau to become DS ambassador in China.

       No matter in the films & TV dramas or in his personal life, Wang Kai matches well with DS avant-garde and innovative spirit, which makes Wang Kai the best choice for DS ambassador. During the press conference, Wang Kai wins great popularity when appearing on the booth. Nowadays, the consumer groups tend to be younger and younger. Choosing Wang Kai to be DS ambassador is a good way to close the gap between DS and consumers, which greatly improves DS recognition in the Chinese market.

       In order to celebrate Wang Kai being the ambassador of DS brand, DS releases DS 6 So Paris limited edition as feedback for the fans of Wang Kai and DS. Mr. Shen gives a brief introduction of the car. The body color of DS 6 So Paris is rare Cumulus Grey, and a limited edition DS badge is embedded in the door near rearview mirror, showing the identity of this limited edition. 18-inch diamond-cutting alloy wheels and red center wheelcap create a strong sports atmosphere. The Rouge Pourpre Nappa leather interior presents the enthusiastic visual effect. In addition, the dashboard, door guards, console handles and multi-function steering wheel are covered by leather, showing the exquisite crafts. There are only 50 DS 6 So Paris all over the world.

        DS will launch a series of marketing activities of this model. You can pay attention to Wang Kai's WEIBO and DS official website to obtain the lucky draw information of this limited edition. In addition, the limited edition will be synchronously released at Tmall DS official flagship store. And a number of preferential information and surprise activities will also be launched.

       Yves Bonnefont, CEO of the DS Brand, comes to the stage and unveils another important new SUV model DS 7 CROSSBACK which debuts in Asia, and introduces the unique advantages of this model. DS 7 CROSSBACK is the perfect combination of ultimate design and cutting-edge technology. The majestic exterior, well-proportioned car body and highly customized interior perfectly interpret DS refined and excellent design concept. And the 5 powerful engines, energy-efficient new-generation 8-speed efficient automatic transmission, intelligent suspension and Night Vision system fully reflect DS avant-garde and premium features of leading the science and technology as well as pursuing superior comfort and high performance.

       After that, Yves Bonnefont takes a group photo with DS executives, guests and DS 6 ambassador Wang Kai attending the press conference. It is totally believed that with more and more new models and face-lift models introduced into China, DS will have more perfect performance in the Chinese market.

       At this Shanghai Auto Show, DS also exhibits its PHEV engine module. Besides, DS booth also adopts VR technology, creating an immersive experience to visitors who will understand DS avant-garde spirit and innovative spirits better. In addition, the forward-looking technologies of Formula E racing car DSV-02 and the beautiful model show make the onsite audience feel the avant-garde and nobility of DS.