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DS 5 New Generation of Premium Crossover

Inspiration from Paris, creating peerless crossover state DS CONNECT telematics, touch the future technology for well beings. Twin scroll turbo engine, releases strong power of THP200.
2014 Year DS 5 forges ahead and sets off to lead the high technology. Innovative Spirit From Paris.

DS 5LS First Premium Sedan That Offers Full Sensorial Experience

In the new era of DS 5LS, driving experience has been upgraded by full sensorial pleasures.
When the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are put into a vehicle. From now on the driving experience is not boring any more but a full-sensorial exploring journey.


Stunning as it comes, elegant but extraordinary A perfect combination of wildness and aesthetics never seize but drives forward for long.

DS 4S Refined & Dynamic Hatchback

Drive your new norm, Come on stage with full attention.